Over 600 Santa Monica residents signed an open letter to the City Council demanding that a transportation consultant who made what some considered to be disparaging comments about the community in an online biography be fired.

Sana Monica Coalition for a Livable City released the letter Wednesday, saying that Jeffrey Tumlin, a principal at consultant firm Nelson\Nygaard, had “lost the trust of the residents” after it was revealed that he had referred to residents as NIMBYs.

The term stands for “not in my back yard,” and tends to be used in a negative way to refer to people who oppose development and change without first considering all the impacts and benefits.

The comments sparked a furor within the community at the end of February, with members of local neighborhood groups saying that Tumlin could not be objective in his work with City Hall, and that he insisted on impressing his radical parking views on unwilling residents.

City Hall stood by Tumlin’s work, if not his comments, which he refused to take off of the biography until recently. He held that the NIMBY term had been written two years ago and referenced a reality that existed in 2005, not one prevalent in Santa Monica today.

As of Wednesday, the entire section about Santa Monica had been removed from Tumlin’s online bio.

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