They finally put up some signs along the beach directing pedestrians to stay off the bike path. Where are the “no bike” signs along the walkway? The real danger is bikes hitting pedestrians. They’re like stealth bombers quietly sneaking up behind you while you walk with your baby or dog along the beach.

There had been large “no bike” signs from the turnoff at Bay Street right before the Casa del Mar hotel and also before you enter Venice. There were “no bike” signs from Bay Street all the way to the Santa Monica Pier. They had been removed a few years ago during construction and never replaced.

There is also a very confusing sign right before Bay Street that points everyone one way at the top and another way below it! Obviously, whomever planned this crazy mess never walked along the beach or are in the payroll of the bike rentals along the walkway. The bike rentals need to direct their customers to walk their bikes over to the bike path. These new signs are an improvement, but still don’t protect pedestrians.


M. Sampson

Santa Monica

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