I am a NIMBY (“Consultant refuses to remove ‘NIMBY’ comment,” March 5). Every true American is a NIMBY. If Americans were not we would still be British. These duties and rights are given to us by our maker, not Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights, not the City Council, not the California Legislature and not the United States government.

The human being has a right to stand up to government, criticism, even a mob in order to protect their environment, their family and our free way of life. You and I must stand up in order to secure our homes from any and all forces that threaten these rights. These rights of freedom, courage, merit and bravery are not given to us by men or women; they are given to us from above. We must protect them from all assaults. My fellow Santa Monicans, be proud, find courage and bold forces will stand with you. Do not apologize for wanting to protect your home, do not apologize for having concerns about your environment, your neighborhood, your city, state and country.

Hundreds of thousand of brave men and women have given their lives in order for you and your families to live free. You owe them. Stand proud and others will follow. Whether it’s appropriate for the City Council to hire consultants is another question and will be written about in another letter to the editor. God bless America!


Robert Kronovet

Santa Monica

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