An infant northern elephant seal was rescued in Malibu just north of Topanga State Beach this week by the California Wildlife Center, marine mammal coordinator Jeff Hall said.

The rescue on Sunday was the first of many that will probably take place during northern elephant seal “season” between February and April.

“Elephant seals are weaned from their mothers during January and February, and during February, March and April is when we start seeing weaned pups who aren’t able to forge for themselves show up on our beaches emaciated and dehydrated,” Hall said.

The pup rescued this week was emaciated, or suffering from severe weight loss, but not the worst the CWC has seen, according to Hall. The pup was transported to the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro where workers will try and nurse the infant back to health.

“They generally have a good outcome,” he said.


This article originally appeared in the Malibu Times.

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