The Santa Monica Fire Department will officially recognize the actions of four citizens, two of which directly resulted in the saving of a life, at its Annual Promotion and Recognition Ceremony on Feb. 26.

On Oct. 7, 2012, SMFD personnel found citizens Tom Burbank and Jorgen Person performing CPR on a participant of a 10k run while responding to a report that a runner was down. After emergency care was administered in the field, the patient regained a pulse and began breathing on his own. He has since made a full recovery and will be in attendance for the ceremony.

SMFD will also honor citizens Chelsea Cass and Lauren Lee, who were able to initiate CPR on a man in full arrest with the help of dispatchers until paramedics arrived.

In addition, SMFD will recognize four members within its organization that have been promoted to various ranks in 2012, along with awarding the 2012 SMFD Firefighter of the Year.

The ceremony will be held at 1685 Main St. in the City Hall Council chambers today, Tuesday, at 10 a.m. Coffee and cake will be served immediately after the ceremony next door at the Public Safety Facility’s second floor atrium, located at 333 Olympic Dr.

For more information, contact Administrative Captain Jason Wells at (310) 633-1329.

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