Regarding the Malibu High School lights, it is simply amazing what the N.I.M.B.Y.s out there are doing (“Questioning cash spent on Malibu lights,” Feb. 21).

The lawsuit was filed by a “group” organized by a woman who bought her house next to the school just two years ago, knowing that the lights were going in. She rounded up a few opponents of the school’s reconstruction project, not a hard thing to do in Malibu. This includes the Malibu Township Council, a non-elected, self-selected group of people with long grudges against the City Council.

One of the loudest voices in there is the guy who tried to end the annual Lions Club fundraising fair, the only big Malibu event aimed at raising money for kids athletics.

This group lost its case at the school board, at the Malibu City Council and at the Coastal Commission. It then filed a lawsuit, and lost its request for an injunction when the judge ruled that they did not have a case.

The lights were installed, and these three-strike losers still press on with a lawsuit that the judge has already said they will lose. Then, they have the temerity to go to the school board and say “you are wasting money fighting our BS lawsuit.”

Amazing. What huevos. Stephen Colbert should do a segment on this.



Hans Laetz

Malibu, Calif.

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