In a recent article in the Daily Press (“Peace memorial gets green light,” Feb. 20) you cited Councilman [Bob] Holbrook’s initiative to establish a memorial at Woodlawn Cemetery that would recall by name those who during war time gave the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

What I read was that there were to be ongoing discussions regarding this memorial, yet you name it the “peace memorial” and quote Councilman [Kevin] McKeown as you do.

When I think of the phrase “peace memorial” I think of “Chain Reaction,” the new money pit in town. When I think of war memorials I recall the All Veterans Memorial that was deconstructed on the Third Street Promenade to make way for a topiary of dinosaurs that squirt water. I also recall that it was decades before any memorial was put back here, and thus the obelisks that stand on Palisades Park were erected, albeit without a flag pole included in that design.

I also recall that an appointee wanted the Civil War era cannons removed as a protest statement at the same time.

It seems to me that despite the announcement that there were to be deliberations on yet another memorial and that the political prerogatives of a singular councilman seem to have gotten out ahead of these by coining this memorial as he has is demagogic, dismissive and indifferent to the altruistic motives of the other council members, the public at large, and not the least of which the friends, loved ones and family members, whose names my home town would recall in honor were it not for Mr. McKeown’s grandstanding.

May I remind those who have not noticed it, the Vietnam War is over. And that in Ecclesiastes 3:8 this is a time to build up and that should not include the injection of a personal, vicarious and covert desire to push forward a subliminal political message as Mr. McKeown is attempting to do in this example.

It serves no purpose except to dredge up the divisions of the past at the expense and opportunity of this proposal and the memory of those we seek to honor.


Stewart Resmer

Santa Monica

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