Time flies when you’re having fun and seems to drag when you’ve fallen off the fitness grid. It’s that time of year when we tend to break our New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’re setting resolutions or goals, sticking to them and accomplishing them may be a little more challenging then you had hoped. In order to be successful in achieving or reaching your goals, I’ve suggested the following to my clients in the past with over 90 percent success.

Set a goal or resolution that is important to you. The biggest obstacle my clients have faced is doing something for someone else. If you aren’t emotionally and personally invested, it’s wasted time and effort (and sometimes money). Doing something for someone else and they don’t notice or acknowledge your efforts will most likely cause you to abort or rebel.

Make your resolutions manageable and obtainable. If your goal is to drop 15 to 20 pounds by the summer so you look good in that bikini or swim trunks, keep in mind that an ambitious weight loss plan will suggest 1 to 2 pounds per week. No quicker way to derail the “diet” then falling short of your plan. What’s more, if you’ve been smoking for years be reasonable in managing your expectations on going cold turkey and waking up cigarette free.

Be kind to yourself. Does missing a training session because of work or your child’s school play give you reason to throw in the towel? No, it means you’ll have to plan your fitness schedule around work and family functions. I’ve always been a huge proponent for morning workouts as the end of day options are plentiful.

Journal it! The best way to bear witness to your success is to write it down and check it off as you accomplish or achieve your milestone. Old school, hand written or a web site like FatBurn.com is a great resource as most of us have access to a computer throughout the day.

Partner up — no “I” in team. There’s a reason our military special forces teams have the buddy system. It’s for support, encouragement and accountability. So create your own special forces team and get friends and family to help toe the line with you. Winning as a team always feels better then a solo accomplishment. Have you ever done something great and given yourself a high-five? Didn’t think so.

K.I.S.S. and make up. Keep it super simple. Try to keep your goals or resolutions to one or two at most. Showing up isn’t a success; keeping your word and goals is. Any resolutions greater than two is like wrangling kittens — frustrating and usually a lost cause.


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For a great post workout, low-calorie meal on the cheap check out Monsoon Cafe on the Third Street Promenade. My favorite is the chicken teriyaki, gluten-free pasta bowl (vegetarian is available with tofu). Be sure to ask for half the serving of pasta and light sauce or have it on the side. The lunch portion is less then 500 total calories. Or for that morning caffeine-free jolt visit Jamba Juice for a 2-ounce shot of wheatgrass paired with their plain steel cut oatmeal. They’re both filling and less then 240 calories.


Thomas Roe has been an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer for more than 12 years and holds a degree in endurance nutrition. Learn more at http://nogymfitness.com/ or call (310) 666-3592.

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