My wife and I just returned from a very pleasant two-day stay in Santa Monica where we had hotel rooms on Ocean Avenue. We have been to Santa Monica a number of times and always enjoy what it has to offer.

However, on this trip, I was quite appalled by the huge number of buses, both large and small, that are now filling the streets of your city. As we sat on our balcony looking down on Ocean Avenue there was rarely more than a minute between them.

This obviously creates a large amount of air pollution, noise and street crowding. Plus there must be quite a financial expense to the city coffers to keep them all running.

Now this might make some sense if there were great demand for such transportation from the citizens of Santa Monica. But in two days and evenings of observing these large machines going by, I found they generally carried from zero to three or four passengers. Never did I see one that was full. And these were all in service as far as I could tell.

Is this some sort of Santa Mania? Are your residents aware of this terrible waste on so many levels? I rather doubt it. Perhaps your paper could do the taxpayers there a great service by looking into this rather bizarre situation.


Bud Stuart

Santa Barbara, Calif.

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