Some thoughts on the little feud between Mr. Galloway (“Cronkite would be devastated,” Letters to the Editor, Feb. 4) and Mr. Macaulay (“Lesson in language,” Letters to the Editor, Feb. 7) over whether this paper should have used the word “butt” when referring to a teen’s rear end.

I wouldn’t consider it showing disrespect toward women. Granted, though, it is unseemly.

Before this ends in a duel at dawn, consider the old adage, “All the news that fits we’ll print.” Butt fits better than derriere, n’est-ce pas? So, put away your Derringers, boys — the case is closed.

I’ve left this paper still in a quandary about how to proceed in the future. As for me, I’ve never been let down by a good old Latin term. I suggest, if space is no object, to use “gluteus maximus,” the technically correct term, and you won’t be sued for agitating the masses!


Caroline Jacobs

Santa Monica

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