An LAPD officer holds up photos of suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner. (Photo courtesy Google Images)
An LAPD officer holds up photos of suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner. (Photo courtesy Google Images)

EASTSIDE — A Los Angeles Police Department security detail has set up shop outside a home on the northeast end of Santa Monica as a manhunt for an ex-LAPD officer allegedly turned cop-killer continues near Big Bear, police confirmed Friday.

Officers and federal agents throughout Los Angeles County and beyond are on the lookout for Christopher Dorner, 33, a former LAPD officer accused of going on a killing spree because he felt he was unfairly fired from his job in 2008.

Law enforcement officials are currently going door-to-door in the Big Bear Lake area of the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles looking for Dorner after finding his burnt-out pickup truck in the area on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

Schools have been cleared, although local ski areas are still open.

That doesn’t mean people are taking any chances closer to home, however.

Officers were providing additional security for the family living in the home. (The Daily Press has chosen not to disclose the exact address of the home or the street it is located on to protect those inside.)

The LAPD informed the Santa Monica Police Department that they were watching a location in Santa Monica, said Sgt. Richard Lewis, spokesperson for the Santa Monica Police Department.

No SMPD officers are involved, Lewis said.

Neighbors who live adjacent to the home were worried about the implications of the police presence, but glad to see that the family was looked after.

“It’s worrisome that a crazed person might come and harm one of our neighbors,” said Garland Allen.

Bruce Edwards, who also lives nearby, said that while he was glad the neighbors were protected, there might be a better way to care for the people named as targets in Dorner’s manifesto than spread out police details to dozens of homes.

“I’m glad the people are protected,” he said, “but if this was a private citizen, you wouldn’t see this kind of response.”

Santa Monica officers are on heightened alert to protect themselves and others, Lewis said. At least four officers have been attacked since Sunday, leaving one dead and one severely injured.

Police believe that Dorner, also a former Naval reserve officer, has killed three people since Sunday, including the daughter of former LAPD captain Randal Quan, who represented him when he was dismissed from the LAPD in 2008 for giving false statements about a supervisor.

Since, authorities have found a scrap of paper with names of people related to the LAPD and Quan, and a manifesto written by Dorner was discovered online in which he promised to “bring war” to LAPD officers and their families.

Police say that Dorner, who won medals for his marksmanship with the rifle and pistol, tied up an 81-year-old man and attempted to steal a boat at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday in the San Diego area.

Just three hours later, a person believed to be Dorner opened fire on two LAPD officers assigned to protect a person named in the Dorner manifesto, grazing one in the head, the AP reported.

Later, two officers on patrol in Riverside were ambushed at a stoplight by a motorist who opened fire with a rifle. One was killed, the other severely wounded.

The burnt truck was found in Big Bear on Thursday, the AP reported. There have been no sightings of Dorner, although officers followed what they believed to be Dorner’s footprints before losing the trail.

Officials in Nevada and Arizona are also on the lookout.

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