I am one of a group of older ladies who have for many years biked the Braude Bike Trail from the Palisades to the Venice Pier on Friday mornings. Even though we are out early — on the path at 7:30 a.m. and returning around 10 a.m. — more and more often we share the use of the bike path with many walkers and runners.

We have concerns about the lack of consideration or even awareness on the part of many of these people. Women push strollers with dogs on leashes, sometimes side by side, walkers and runners use the wrong lane or go down the middle of the path, but most disconcerting are the people wearing headsets, completely oblivious to others on the path. We always try to call out “on your left,” as we pass, but we can’t be sure that we are heard.

We understand that from West Channel to the California Incline there is no alternative paved path for walkers, but where there is a sidewalk in the Ocean Park and Venice area it would be much safer if the walkers were to walk on the separate pathway and leave what was, after all, originally intended as a dedicated bike path to the bike riders. Even at a low speed falling off a bike hurts; so does being hit by a bike or skateboard.

Whether you bike or walk on the path, please be attentive, courteous and safe.


Carolyn Perry

Santa Monica

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