I have worked as a docent in New York City museums. Now every time I drive down Main Street I shudder that “Chain Reaction” is what the natives here would show as their “art.” “Chain Reaction” is the ugliest joke ever imposed on any community. It is not art; it is a gigantic black ghost in a world that has just elected a president who is anti war; anti gun.

This council would do away with nativity (birth), but preserve this monstrosity (death). I am appalled that the little ladies of the Santa Monica Conservancy would preserve it. Someone should suggest to Mr. Rubin that he take off the “make love, not war” T-shirt and stop pushing for this terrifying symbol.

Truman is dead. Hirohito is dead. And 135,000 Japanese were dead or deathly injured; and 66,000 in Nagasaki. No one should need to explain it to children or tourists or anyone else. Get rid of it.


Cynthia Webber

Marina del Rey, Calif.

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