Fewer parking spaces? Who’s kidding who? (“Imagine Santa Monica with even less parking,” Feb. 1, page 1.)

This proposal would be nothing but a love letter from City Hall to the developers in this already overbuilt city. Just think how profits will soar if less parking is required for all new construction in this already overbuilt city. Think how much more they can build!

The notion that “cheap, plentiful parking” creates traffic in this already overbuilt city, is nonsense. Too much development creates traffic. When 90,000 Santa Monica residents and hundreds of thousands of Santa Monica workers trade places twice a day the result is gridlock. If you are reading this … you’ve been there. The only ones oblivious to this reality in this already overbuilt city are the decision makers at City Hall. These are the same people who decided that traffic would move better if our busy streets had fewer lanes and more center lane landscaping.

The proposal of fewer parking spaces is nonsense.


Richard Orton

Ocean Park

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