As a pedestrian who walks around Sunset Park, Ocean Park and other local neighborhoods every day, I find no joy in the decision to upgrade the beach bike path at the expense of the rest of Santa Monica. (“Work begins on the bike path so cyclists, peds can coexist,” Jan. 31, page 1.) Pedestrians have real problems with cyclists who simply refuse to use the bike lanes. Aside from the obvious fact that those lanes are paid for by our taxes, cyclists who won’t get off the sidewalk are dangerous to the rest of us. Tonight, as I was walking my dog on 17th Street, the ultimate absurdity rode past: a guy on a bicycle going north on the sidewalk, completely oblivious to the bike lanes on both sides of the street.

I am all in favor of people spending less time in their cars, and more time out enjoying the fresh air, whether it’s as pedestrians or cyclists. What I do not understand is why Santa Monica insists on putting money into the beach bike lanes instead of using that same money to enforce the law in other parts of town.


Joan Walston

Santa Monica

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