The front page story about NMS taking over the abandoned Jones construction buildings (“Apartment openings spell new beginning on Fifth Street,” Jan. 30) quotes NMS President Jim Andersen as saying “Residents will be able to live, work and play without ever needing to get in their cars.”

First, I’d like to know what Andersen has been smoking when it comes to the “facts” he so proudly states. What evidence is there that people who live in these overpriced boxes will be walking to work? Or anywhere else for that matter?

I’m willing to bet that each tenant in these buildings has a car, meaning they will only exacerbate an already horrendous traffic problem throughout the city.

The article goes on to mention the rents in these rehabilitated buildings as ranging from “$2,695 for one-bedroom units and $3,795 for two-bedroom units.” I’d like to know which jobs within walking distance pay such stellar salaries that a person could shell out nearly $2,700 a month.

NMS and its apartment building partner in crime, Century West, need to be stopped from building more of their overly large buildings. The Planning Commission and City Council need to scale back any more of these monstrosities.


Gary Gurner

Santa Monica

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