Journalist David Horsey tells us that “… Martin Luther King stood watch over … [Obama’s inauguration]” (“Lincoln and M.L. King watch over Barack Obama’s inauguration,” Los Angeles Times, Jan. 22). President Obama even placed his hand on Dr. King’s personal Bible when he took the oath of office. The truth, however, is that “I have a drone” has replaced “I have a dream.”
Where is the outrage at this assault on King’s memory, as a war-mongering president who orders the slaughter of people of color around the world uses the Bible of one who gave his life in the struggle against racism, militarism and economic exploitation?
We are now engaged in numerous wars worldwide, all in violation of our Constitution and the U.N. Charter — driven by a president who disgraces the memory of Dr. King by appearing to honor the martyred anti-war and human rights leader.
To remain silent in the face of all this is to lie and deepen the disgrace.

John Marciano
Santa Monica

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