Re: “VA to break ground on building for homeless vets,” Jan. 22.

This is like telling the veteran community it’s raining while you’re peeing on our heads!

Building 209 can’t stand too much more photo flashes. Witness Bobby Shriver’s photo op years ago and now it’s hurry up and wait for another year and a half, for 50 beds, while thousands are in the streets. There are two other buildings, but those acts have not started yet.

“Hey disgruntled veteran, don’t be so bitter, look at the glass half full; calm down.”

OK, after you explain why the single term (repeated in both Act of 1887 and Deed of 1888) “maintain in perpetuity” was not upheld when Armand Hammer started slant drilling from the “home” 50-plus years ago or ever since, as demonstrated by leases to non-profit and for-profit organizations that do not provide service that is 100 percent direct benefit to veteran patients. After the logic of allowing the public to meander throughout a medical facility where wounded warriors were promised to heal from the exposure to combat.

President Obama! Got your ears on? Is this what sacred trust should look like? I don’t think so, bro! Remember, we will stop having veterans when we stop having wars. Now, who’s “raining on who?”



Francisco Juarez

Santa Monica

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