Stacy Westly’s letter failed to indicate any comprehension that secondhand smoke can hold an entire apartment building hostage (“Prying eyes,” Letters to the Editor, Jan. 19-20).

Studies suggest children living in apartment buildings have more tobacco contaminants in their blood than those who live in houses — even if smokers in their household don’t light up indoors.

The items Ms. Westly listed — alcohol, wine, Dr. Pepper, pain killers, cough medicine, knives and knitting needles — will not blow carcinogens into a neighbor’s windows, air vents, under doors, and into hallways and public areas.

Finally, in answer to Ms. Westly’s question of registering a barbecue. Ironically, while you can enjoy sharing your known carcinogens with unwitting neighbors, we are not allowed to barbecue in our building out of consideration to our neighbors.

In any event, please try to stay healthy, Stacy!



M.S. Broussard

Santa Monica

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