I just received the required registration form to indicate whether my apartment houses a smoker/smokers or not.
I will comply with the law, however, I would like to loudly protest.
Tobacco is a legal substance. Why do I (or anyone) have to “register” as a smoker? Alcohol is a legal substance. Will I have to “register” that I have a bottle of vodka in the freezer and some wine in the cupboard? Will I have to register that liter of Dr. Pepper? What about the pain killers or cough syrup in the medicine cabinet? Maybe the knives? The knitting needles? The incense and sage I frequently burn?
Will the neighbor have to “register” his barbecue? What about screaming children? What about stinky car exhaust?
All of the activities listed above may possibly impact me or someone else in a negative way. But does that possibility give City Hall the right to legislate away my right to privacy within my own home?
The saddest thing about all of this: Some nosy-parker decided that it was his/her job to monitor the activities of someone else, without realizing the impact and consequences.
Santa Monica City Council, I hope you realize the state of discrimination and criminalization you have created. You are truly living up to the old joke about Santa Monica: The People’s Republic of Commie Monica.

Stacy Westly
Santa Monica

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