In response to Walter Greenberg’s letter (“Picking sides,” Letters to the Editor, Jan.14). Mr. Greenberg obviously did not watch the City Council meeting where 50 or so young adults and adults stayed up until 3 a.m to passionately and articulately express their experiences and support of the Pico Youth & Family Center (PYFC).

The city’s funding of the PYFC and the center’s attempt to rid the community of gangs and street terrorism through community activism, unity, hope and responsibility is money well spent.

In regards to the Boys & Girls Club and its accomplishments. My sons and myself both grew up as members of the Boys & Girls Club, and as great a national organization that it is, it targets kids from 5 to 16. The PYFC targets at-risk young adults ages 16 to 24. Quite different.

For all of the PYFC’s administration and accounting problems, its mission statement and accomplishments should be respected.


Larry Arreola

Santa Monica

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