Thanks to your newspaper and Bill Bauer for the column about our Big Brother silly council’s new anti-smoking law (“Nanny government not needed,” My Write, Jan. 7). One thing Bill left out of his excellent column that some condo owners have pointed out is that they’re now restricted on who they can sell their property to and this will result in lower prices.
Condo and apartment owners must disclose to potential buyers and renters that there is no smoking in Commie Monica. This will result in lower prices for condos and apartment buildings since they will only be able to sell and rent to non-smokers. Even non-smokers will be penalized if their aunt Matilda stops by and lights up her medical joint.
My condo pals say they’re surprised that the city isn’t being sued for loss of revenue and lower property values. In this time where the price of homes has dropped so much, this adds to the distressed property market.

Martin Sampson
Santa Monica

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