In 2013 Santa Monica needs to remain the city people like raising their children in and stay on as they grow older. Quality of life includes clean air, a steady supply of healthy water, mostly renewable energy; a goal to keep following.
To ease gridlock in streets allow no major increase of density, be this housing/ businesses (“mixed use”) to make developers rich. Public transportation like the light rail, buses, shuttles, shared cars, Dial-a-Ride are helping people to get to/from Santa Monica and move around. Yet they do not eliminate private cars, delivery/pick up by trucks, maintenance crew vehicles, etc., because “this kind of public transportation system” does not move enough quantities of big goods, groceries and supplies.
It also does not cover all areas completely. Walking and bicycling should be encouraged as a healthy way of getting around, but not everybody is able to do it. Rental electric-wheelchairs need to be available as should rental storage for baggage.
The school board should strongly encourage teachings of tolerance, be these racial, ethnic, gender preferences, spiritual choices, mental or physical differences in capabilities, and all physical or mental illnesses. Positive diplomacy, peaceful interaction need to be taught in hands-on interactions.
Let me conclude with Mother Teresa: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Christel Andersen
Santa Monica

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