It angers me to hear Congress members praising the National Rifle Association’s stupid solution to our murder-by-guns problem. Armed guards at schools? Are our schools to become armed fortresses? Once it is known that school guards are armed, they would likely be the first shot.

The records the NRA flaunt, that states with the strictest laws have the most murders, should show where the guns were purchased. For example, when I lived in Massachusetts many years ago, no birth control products were allowed to be sold in the state. So what? A short drive to the nearest drug store in a neighboring state, and the problem was solved!

You can’t buy a gun in your state? So what. It’s a short drive to another state where you can buy all the guns you want.

The NRA also neglects to note how few, if any, shootings were in self-defense.

I was once held up at gun point, and if I had a dozen guns hidden on my person there was no chance I could reach any of them. So how do guns protect you?

We are separate states, but only one country, so any gun control laws must be federal to be effective. So, President Obama and Congress, stop procrastinating and give our children back their safe schools and all of us our safe streets now before bad people are able to fill their closets with murder weapons.


Cecilia Rosenthal

Santa Monica


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