In Ashley Archibald’s Jan. 3, 2013SMDPnativity scenecover story (“Nativity scenes case appealed”) there needs to be one correction. She closes her excellent article with this statement:

“Other plans to resurrect the tradition in a new form in Palisades Parkfizzled when the concept of ‘live’ nativity scenes hosted by thechurches never successfully got off the ground.”

Actually Models For Christ in conjunction with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) did put on a live nativity in Palisades Park from Dec. 3 to Dec. 7. There was a live depiction with Mary, Joseph, a real baby, three Wise Men and two Angels. In addition there were carolers singing and a staff serving hot chocolate and coffee. Serene Branson of CBS and KCAL 9 covered it as well as several newspapers and Fabian fromSantaMonicaCloseup.com. Jay Leno even mentioned it in his monologue one of the nights.

The highlight of the “live” nativity occurred on the Friday when a man who had planned to commit suicide that very night, walked by the event and ended up talking to a person from Youth With A Mission. After a longconversation the man changed his mind and a life was spared because the live nativity was in Palisades Park that night.


Eric Cooper

Santa Monica


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