Columnist Jack Neworth blames the “self-righteous” National Rifle Association’s defense of gun ownership for this nation’s spate of gun massacres (“Sticking to their guns,” Laughing Matters, Dec. 27).

In 1994, the Brady Bill outlawed assault weapons. In 1995, Oklahoma City exploded. In 1999, there was Columbine.

In 2002, the D.C. sniper killed 10 people in a city with a highly restrictive gun ban, and one of the highest murder rates. When the Supreme Court struck down the ban, the murder rate went down. This year, Chicago has the strictest gun laws … and 500 murders.

In 2007, the Virginia Tech attacker had worried university employees, but legal constraints prevented any preventative measures. In 2009, the same political correctness prevented military officials from committing the disturbed psychologist Nidal Hasan.

In 2012, the Aurora movie theater assailant had no prior record of criminality or insanity, and Connecticut’s public school “gun free zones” neutralized the state’s “concealed carry” provisions.

Seeing the gun fully-loaded against us instead of for our protection, Neworth decries 62 mass murders in 30 years. In reality, gun ownership prevented more crimes from happening. Not a gun culture, but a culture which has lost its bearings (pun intended) is the problem. Getting rid of the guns cannot get rid of the evil in men’s hearts, or the madness of the mentally ill who perpetrate these atrocities.

“The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre declared. Neither pandering nor pedantic, LaPierre responded with necessity to the evil in this troubled world.


Arthur Christopher Schaper

Torrance, Calif.

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