Thanks to the fascists who rule our town every renter and condo owner will soon have to declare their home either smoking or not smoking (“New smoking laws rolling into Santa Monica,” Dec. 28). This should be unconstitutional and an unlawful taking of property rights.

However, the commies from Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights don’t give a damn about property rights. Now your neighbor can treat their neighbor who smokes like a Jew in Nazi Germany and turn them in to the smoke Nazis. What next, vegetarians outlawing cooking meat in apartments because meat smoke seeps into their place?

There always were non-smoking apartment buildings if the landlord wanted to keep smoking out, so there was no need for any smoking laws. Anyone with a smoke allergy could have moved into a smoke-free apartment building all along without taking away everyone else’s rights. Condo associations could have always declared their building non-smoking if they wished.

Even a poor sick person with a legal medical pot card won’t be able to help their illness and smoke in their own home. Smoking tobacco and medical pot is legal in California, yet these control freaks want to micro manage everything in our town. Even if you don’t smoke and a friend or relative comes over and lights up you will be breaking the law. My suggestion is that everyone declare their apartment smoking. You never know, your sick aunt with cancer may stop by and take a toke of pot and you will be fined for it. Why take a chance of some bad, nosy neighbor turning you in? On Jan. 21 when everyone is supposed to have declared smoking or not in their homes, let’s all light up our pot and tobacco and blow it in the faces of the City Council members.


Martin Sampson

Santa Monica

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