With 2013 seemingly right around the corner, we were wondering what you wanted in the new year.

So, this week’s Q-Line question asks:

What is your resolution for the coming year and why?

Here are your responses:

“Well first and foremost, in this coming year I wish that the hateful violence would stop. And as a disabled person in Santa Monica I would love to see straighter sidewalks because in my wheelchair it is really hard for me to get up on the sidewalk, so usually I have to peddle myself along the bike lane. So that’s what I wish for this new year, and of course kindness with a capital K.”

“I don’t need to make any resolutions for myself. I just make them for other people.”

“My resolution for the new year is the belief in the America we deserve, but are being deceived from getting. Our own City Council is a microcosm of the snake oil politicians who now infest government. New Age leadership no longer talks about hard work, sacrifice and fairness. Its new mantra is about progressive class envy so they can get re-elected. This country, and especially our city, is about getting something for nothing. Someone else will pay for your karma of stupid decisions. Political snake oil can only be diluted by a healthy dose of skepticism and common sense. Governmental power, like the weather, will corrode the week stamina of the low-informational voter. Let us resolve to rid us of the weak fortitude of progressive government, wherever it deceives us. Happy new year to all, even if you now believe in snake oil.”

“My resolution will be to shop at the Westside Pavilion and Fox Hills Mall so I don’t get hit by the parking revenue racketeering here. At least in Vegas you have fun when they take your money.”

“To be more compassionate, not critical, and to be more loving.”

“Save money to pay off these bills, hopefully get health insurance and avoid falling into poverty if the nation falls off this fiscal cliff everyone is so concerned about. I’d also like to be more compassionate towards strangers, but with all the crazed bums in Santa Monica, it’s difficult to let your guard down.”

“I am going to exercise more and take better care of my health in the new year. The pounds don’t come off so easily anymore, especially after the holidays.”

“Kick the crooks on the City Council out of office and stop all of this development that is ruining our once great city.”

“I’d like to find alternative ways to get around the city. I am tired of sitting in traffic and wasting money on gas. In the new year I am committed to taking the bus more, riding a bike or perhaps carpool. I can’t deal with the stress of driving any more.”




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