Regarding “Woman struck while walking in crosswalk,” Dec. 19.

It breaks my heart to read of these mostly unnecessary incidents.

Because “we” repeatedly emphasize that it is only safe to walk in a crosswalk, we do not teach young people (and older) to stop, look and listen before you take your foot off the curb. I never cross without making sure the driver sees me!

Pedestrians today most of the time never look, talking on cellphones or whatever, but absent-minded that a car may be approaching even if you have the “right” of way. You may be right, but dead.

It amazes me when driving how few people actually look to see if I see them, but randomly walk across the street as if there is an invisible glass protector there because they are in a crosswalk.

And crossing guards at every intersection where there are school kids prevents children from learning to stop, look and listen, as I was taught growing up. To have crossing guards for high school students is a shame. We are not teaching them to learn responsibility when walking across the street. They grow up never having to look as they cross and this persists as they grow into adults.

I pray for the injured woman to have a healthy recovery.


Marcia Jacobs

Culver City, Calif.

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