Hand guns are very poor defensive weapons and are dangerous to those nearby.
I am a combat veteran. I spent six weeks in Army gunnery school learning to shoot every weapon, from .45 automatics and shotguns up to .50 caliber machine guns. I am a dead shot with a rifle.
I know it is difficult to hit a moving target with a hand gun, especially if you are not a trained shooter who regularly attends target practice. That is why police win all gun battles with armed criminals. The cops go to target practice, whereas criminals rarely do, if ever.
Furthermore, if you miss your target with a hand gun you could hit and kill or injure someone walking or driving by or in a nearby home.
Shotguns are much better and safer for defending your home. With a shotgun you can hardly miss and pellets have a short range.
If you wound an armed adversary with a hand gun they are still dangerous and could kill or injure you. Shots from a 12-gauge shotgun will disable them.
Women, if a man tries to pull you into his car, fight, struggle and scream. Try to pull away and run, even if he has a gun. The chances he will shoot are about 50-50 because he knows gun shots will attract nearby police. Even if he shoots, the chances are about one in 10 he will hit you. And even if it hits you, the chances that it will kill you are about one in five. Therefore, the chances you will be shot to death are probably two in 100. However, if he gets you in his car he will almost surely take you to a remote location and rape and kill you.
Hunting with a gun is not a sport because it is an unequal contest. Hunting bears, lions and coyotes with a knife would be a sport. Certainly hunters should not be allowed to use automatic weapons.
We should outlaw hand guns, automatic weapons and gun clips.
National Rifle Association members should be offered free sexual dysfunction treatments if they agree to give up their guns.

Edwin Stegman
Santa Monica

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