I was recently made aware of a letter to the editor in your newspaper dated Dec. 17, 2012 titled “Putting money where their mouth is.”

As the owner of Puzzle Zoo, a family-run business since 1993, I would like an opportunity to address Mr. Stephansen’s and Mrs. Freeman’s concerns.

First and foremost, my family and the entire Puzzle Zoo staff would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families affected by the tragic events in Newtown, Conn. Words fall short of expressing our sorrow over the tragic loss of those families and the entire Newtown community.

As business owner of a toy store, but more importantly as a father myself, it is never my intention to be insensitive, have lack of empathy, or profit when it comes to current events such as the tragedy in Connecticut. In regards to the “rubber band gun” display, it has been up for more than six months. As soon as I was aware of the situation in Newtown I instructed my staff to take down the display and remove all toy guns completely from the sales floors of all our many locations.

Unfortunately, this being the busiest time of the year, my staff was unable to follow through on my instructions in a timely manner. For that I take full responsibility. As of Monday, all rubber band gun displays had been removed from all our stores. Puzzle Zoo is proud to offer many varieties of toys, puzzles and games, not just gun toys.

My goal for Puzzle Zoo has always been to promote family fun, education, creativity, memories and imagination beyond one’s limitations. The success we’ve seen has been because of customers just like Mr. Stephansen and Mrs. Freeman. We regret that we have lost their business due to this unfortunate atrocity; yet we appreciate their heartfelt position on guns and safety for all children.


Jay C. Demircift

President, Puzzle Zoo

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