It’s important to note that the Emeritus College Executive Council meetings are not open to the public, their minutes are not posted nor do they pass along vital information to students. Minutes of the July meeting show that Ron Furuyama told them there would be no winter session. Not a word of this did the Executive Council pass along to the students. As late as November, students and teachers were unsure as to whether there would be a winter session.
With regard to the letter signed by “650 students” in support of the shutdown of the winter session, my class was never shown the letter nor given the opportunity to sign and I know that most of the students in my class would not have signed it (“In response to chatter,” Letters to the Editor, Dec. 13).
As for expenditures from the Emeritus Fund, these should be detailed and transparent to the public.
I’m a big supporter of Emeritus College. I’ve been an Emeritus student for 24 years and feel strongly that it should continue and grow. It provides a unique and important service to the community that should never be taken for granted or undervalued.

Rene Grebler
Santa Monica

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