With deep respect for Judaism, and the celebration of Chanukah, I am greatly puzzled! There is no recognition of the Christmas season whatsoever on the Third Street Promenade, reasons for which I do not understand.

For years there have been decorations celebrating Christmas, not particularly religious in nature, but there are absolutely no decorations this year celebrating Christmas on the Third Street Promenade! Yet, there is the lighting of the menorah at the Third Street Promenade and Wilshire Boulevard, which is clearly a celebration of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, which is a religious holiday!

I am deeply disturbed by this lack of homage by the city of Santa Monica in honoring the celebration of Christmas, while at the same time there appears to be an acceptance of the menorah lighting on the promenade! My question then is, is their a growing discrimination against Christians, which recent events seem to indicate? And, if that is the case, why is the city of Santa Monica seemingly the leader of the pack? Jesus was, after all, a Jew!

I would ask the city of Santa Monica, a city I was a resident of for many years, and a city I loved, to explain what exactly is going on?

What I am asking for is an explanation for their seeming acceptance of one religious icon on the promenade, that of Judaism, while seemingly rejecting those of Christmas. Perhaps I am missing something, but this is a call for the city to come forth with their stance.

With all due respect to Judaism.


Julia Reeves

West Los Angeles

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