In reply to the responses in your Dec. 8-9 Q-Line, “Cutting classes,” we members of the Emeritus College Executive Council wish to clear up some of the misrepresentations expressed by anonymous chatterers.

Emeritus College is governed by Santa Monica College; however they are two separate entities. Santa Monica College may have received a valuable monetary gift; that does not mean Emeritus College received any money from the gift.

Emeritus’ endowment account ensures there will be an Emeritus for present and future students; the much appreciated donations to the operating account go toward supplying teachers’ supplies, replacing worn furnishings, computers, etc. At every fundraiser, the committee explains where donations go.

Disparaging, racist remarks about well-meaning, hard-working college officials has no place in a free, public-service college. We are proud to have many nationalities represented at our college.

Recently 650 students signed a letter to the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees expressing their understanding of the reason there is no winter session and their appreciation to the board for their support of Emeritus College. In particular, we are extremely fortunate to have Ron Furuyama as our associate dean during these trying times.

Some public colleges for seniors have been eliminated completely because of budget restraints.

Where else will you find a free college for adults with a beautiful building of their own and excellent instructors? We will not have a five-week winter session, but we will have a strong spring semester.


Emeritus College Executive Council members:

Shirl Grayson, Chair

Edie London

Walter Coronel

Judy Blits

Dr. Ted Ehrlich

Beverly Fischer

Marsha Franker

Dr. Charlotte Horstein

Miriam Kafka

Lorraine Miller

Sue Raff

Dr. Lidia Rubinstein

Harvey Stromberg

Helen Wachs

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