Dear corporate America and its leaders,

Please take our U.S. politicians out of your pockets and let them air out, get a fresh perspective and come to realize what being a public servant really means. And, please, while you’re at it, give the rest of the U.S. a much needed break!

Why not spend the money you’re currently investing in local and national politicians in order to obtain government contracts and political favors at virtually every level of the political spectrum (from local to national), and instead pay your fair share of taxes? You pass your costs along to consumers anyway. Why not take at least a portion of your obvious overflow of wealth and create new jobs, training programs that create and make ready for work highly competent Americans now begging for employment? Why not invest your bounty, most of which is created on the backs of the American public, and spend those monies to manifest a better America and the betterment of humankind?

Is it really so very much to ask that American corporations pay their fair share of taxes and do their part to sustain and support the American way of life for the rest of us? If a corporation were truly a person (as our Supreme Court seems to think), there would be a beating heart and the answers to these very simple questions would be as abundantly clear to each of you (1 percent) as it is to the majority of us (99 percent).

It is to the very human individual leaders of America’s corporations and the all too human politicians elected by us to serve us that I sincerely beg for mercy for the rest of us! Please support America.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the rest of us depends, it seems, entirely upon you!


H. Levinson

Santa Monica

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