City Council members,

I do not think our city is well served by going forward with the Village Trailer Park development. As a resident in the neighborhood, I can say that my quality of life will be diminished by the lengthy construction process and then the presence of several hundred more cars on our local roads.Already, during evening rush hour periods when either the 405 or the 10 freeway is jammed, the drive time on Colorado and Broadway can be very long simply to travel the several blocks toBundy.

We are accepting the view of this particular developer thata smaller scaled version of this development is financially unworkable. It doesn’t seem as if a scaled-down alternative was fully explored by the City Council staff or by the council members.

Why are we approving this plan? Is there not another, more sustainable and less impactful way of raising the same amount of revenue that this project is estimated to bring-in? Has adequate attention of staff and council been directed toward answering this question?

You council members are our eyes and ears when it comes to understandingand visualizing the spectrum of effects thatwill result from a project of this size. Simply in terms of aesthetics, the design details of this project seem not to enhancethe human spirit, but to deaden it. Do football field long, windowless corridors embody the new Santa Monica? You are our eyes and ears, please be also our mind, heart, and voice and say no to this ill-advised project which serves the developer, but not Santa Monica.



Curtis Raynor

Santa Monica

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