Dear atheists,

I know most of you are decent, hard-working people who just want to live and let live, but a bunch of you are giving the rest of the gang a very bad name. I am talking about the war on religion or any manifestation of religion some of you have launched.

Why is it so important to some people to rewrite history? Our beautiful country was and continues to be a Christian majority; I am in the minority, not just in this great land we call the USA, but in the entire world! Yes, I am Jewish and quite proud of it. But just because my beliefs are different it does not mean I wish to impose them on the rest of humanity, nor do I want to stop other people’s expression and joy of this season. As a matter of fact, I quite enjoy the Christmas decorations and uplifting, beautiful music!

But some of you dear atheists seem to have such an empty life, you focus on the wrong thing; case in point, Mr. Damon Vix was so obsessed with making everyone else as miserable as he, that he has spent many years waging war on the nativity scenes that have adorned one of Santa Monica’s parks for nearly 60 years! Thanks to an activist judge by the name of Audrey B. Collins, Mr. Vix has won this war and that beautiful display will be no more.

Sad, isn’t it? One tiny little minority has to spoil it for the rest of us! Why? Did Santa Claus put you on the naughty list one year so you didn’t get that red truck or doll that talks and walks?

It saddens me beyond words to see this endless war against such a beautiful holiday! It’s been about 10 years since I wrote my first “It’s OK to say Merry Christmas” column; every year I hope I won’t have a reason to serve you a refried version, and every year I find plenty of reason to do!

People forget that the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not from religion! In the words of a drunken motorist who encountered some very angry police officers, “Can we all get along?”

I know some folks think this is all one huge commercial to sell toys and guilt husbands into buying expensive jewelry they can’t afford. (Are you reading this, honey?) But if you look deeper and let your good heart guide you, you will discover the beauty of the season and the joy it brings to children of all ages. I am truly blessed to have had parents who understood and were not limited by their own ideas, and who let me enjoy this beautiful season! Yes, we had a Chanukah bush, and in case you didn’t know, Santa is Jewish!

If you don’t like a Christmas display, don’t go see it! And don’t forget that “public property” belongs to all of us, not just a bitter minority.

Lighten up! The next time some sales person wishes you “happy holidays” join the campaign started by my good friend Amalia Gonzalez and say “And a merry Christmas to you to!”


Edie J. Adler

Valley Glen, Calif.

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