Though I’m no religionist, I hate to see the nativity scenes in Palisades Park go. The people who put them up for nearly 60 years were sincerely attempting to express the deep love and inspiration that guides their lives. That is no reason to attack their joy.

One thing I’ve learned from this highly unnecessary drama is that fundamentalist thinking is not limited to religions; the atheists who started this sad pissing match demonstrated that amply. So what if religions are largely mythical? Show me something of real meaning in life that isn’t! And as for the ultra-religious loony who calls Santa Claus Satan, how dare you traumatize our children!

You leave our City Council no choice but to cut the whole mess loose. It would be fiscally imprudent, insane even, to leave our city open to escalating attacks from rude, petty and litigious cowards who hide behind the First Amendment.

The question now is, how much more loss of grace can we, will we, as a city and as a society tolerate?


Lily Houston

Santa Monica

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