Speaking both as an SMC Emeritus instructor as well as an Emeritus student, the letter to the editor complaining about the lack of a winter program at Emeritus misses today’s economic realities and demonstrates a certain selfishness on the part of the writer (“SMC betrays seniors,” Letters to the Editor, Dec. 2). Despite the passage of Proposition 30, there is still a limited amount of money to run SMC’s main campus and Emeritus programs.

When it comes to the hard choices that the Board of Trustees must make, I fully agree with their decision to place a priority on the students who are preparing for careers or for transferring to a four-year college.

There will be an Emeritus program for the spring semester and classes will continue to be free. Students at the main campus pay tuition for their classes, a fact which some Emeritus students may not fully consider.

Emeritus has offered great programs to thousands of seniors at no cost for many years, for which we should be very grateful to the Board of Trustees. I hope and expect this great program to continue, but if it comes to a choice between educating our youth or offering free exercise classes to seniors, then I, and I believe most seniors, would vote overwhelmingly for educating our youth


Gerald Schneir

Santa Monica

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