There were two recent letters in your paper on the same day that criticized Santa Monica’s prohibition of the traditional nativity scene displays in Palisades Park.

One letter writer said that because of the City Council ban, he has decided to ban 100 percent of his Christmas shopping with any store or business located in Santa Monica (“Ban on shopping,” Letters to the Editor, Nov. 27). Isn’t that rather vindictive? And, isn’t that just going to unfairly hurt many of our fine local shops and businesses?

The other letter writer, in an obvious criticism of the nativity scene ban, stated how our City Council does not welcome Christians, yet opens its arms to welcome the homeless, which she depicted as one of many negative problems welcomed by our City Council (“Not very welcoming,” Letters to the Editor, Nov. 27).

Well, I thought welcoming and caring for the homeless would be something Christians would fully support, even more than they would be in opposing the display ban. I would certainly hope so.

Personally, I think the City Council made a difficult but fair decision in deciding to prohibit any and all unattended, large, erected-all-day-and-all-night displays in the park.


Jerry Rubin

Santa Monica

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