We have owned our home at 1601 Hill St. since 1986, and while I understand that some development in the city is inevitable, this proposed development is way too big and will have major negative impact on both the Pico and Sunset Park neighborhoods in terms of traffic and density, with accompanying negative health and safety impacts for the people who live in these neighborhoods especially, but also all other neighborhoods in our city (“How close is too close,” Nov. 29).

The fact that this project is being built by an out-of-state contractor known for tearing down affordable housing and not even building anything to replace those affordable units only adds to the bad smell connected to this project. I don’t believe that any of our council members have been bought off by the developers, but if I didn’t know better, I’d certainly think that. What I think instead is, some of you have been duped.



Lawrence Arnstein

Santa Monica

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