Will the Christians never stop whining about the loss of their illegal nativity displays? They operated them for 57 years on public property, which was and is a violation of our constitutional separation of church and state. But do they express gratitude to the city of Santa Monica and their residents for allowing these proselytizing Christian displays? Oh no, not at all. They whine and wail at the City Council, accusing them of being “wimps,” “anti-Christian,” “scrooges” and more.
Never once have I read a letter of gratitude. Instead they sue Santa Monica, and we the taxpayers have to pay for the City Council’s legal fees to defend against this lawsuit. Their lawyer is working pro bono, and all the churches suing the city pay no taxes.
They have beautiful lawns to display their myths, yet they rant and rail because finally their religious proselytizing will no longer be allowed on public property.
I am waiting for them to express true Christianity, like turning the other cheek, professing love and support and equality for all. It appears they cannot. They just rant and rail and whine and demand the right to spread their religious beliefs everywhere, and slam everyone, especially atheists, that do not agree with them.
I am heartily glad they will not be allowed to display their crusading religion on public property. I just wish they would stop crusading. Stop the lawsuit. Thank the city, and spread love.
I’m sick of hypocritical, crusading and proselytizing Christians

Kathryn Kosmeya-Dodge
Santa Monica

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