PUBLIC SAFETY FACILITY — With residential burglaries on the rise, police want to remind people to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, especially strangers randomly knocking on doors.
The Santa Monica Police Department circulated an e-mail Tuesday warning people about the rise in “door-knock” or “solicitor” burglary, which is occurring in many neighborhoods. In these crimes, the burglars are posing as service people or salespeople. They are canvassing an area by knocking on doors, looking for unoccupied homes.
When there is no reply to their knock, they check the perimeter of the home or apartment for unsecured doors or windows which are out of sight from the street. They are entering through unlocked doors and windows, and are also forcing their way in.
Prevent becoming a victim by following these tips provided by the SMPD:
• Let people think you are home by leaving lights on.
• Lock all your doors and windows when you leave (even if for only a few minutes).
• Every layer of security helps; deterrents like dogs, alarms and neighborhood watch signs are recommended.
• Be aware; alert neighbors are responsible for the majority of arrests made in residential burglaries.
• If you see a crime in progress, or anything that appears to be suspicious in your neighborhood, call the SMPD immediately using 911 for emergencies and crimes in progress, and (310) 458-8491 for non-emergencies.

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