Regarding the recent kerfuffle concerning those dangerous nativity scenes, can we not try to make some sense here? I think the premise for all such rulings across our great nation has not been properly vetted by the court system (“No nativity scenes for you,” Nov. 20).

The premise of course is that if a local government allows a Christmas tree to be displayed on public property, somehow that could cause some poor, oppressed individual to feel that they were being forced to become a Christian — despite the fact that the Bible clearly states that no one can be saved from their sins and therefore become a Christian without a change of heart. To be clear here, no one can ever be forced to become a Christian.

So, where are all these poor, oppressed people? Does that mean that not one plaintiff anywhere has ever produced a single, solitary example of someone who’s been so ill affected? I believe that is the case, and that being so, how does any judge get away with so frivolous a ruling?

I think the answer lies with the judicial activism that has been behind these kinds of rulings. They’ve forgotten their proper role and like journalists, they want to make a name for themselves instead of just doing their jobs. However, judges can still be impeached and it’s high time that some of them are so affected.


Rich Rochester

Hickory, NC

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