I am someone that considers myself a very strong Christian. But in the same breath I believe in separation of church and state (“Judge denies injunction to display nativity scenes,” Nov. 19).

In a recent poll I read the people that say they are not connected with any church outnumber people that do. There are many places that Christians can set up displays: churches, church-owned property, church members’ homes and private property. There are lots of places to display your sentiments.

Why in the world do Christian symbols have to go into parks, schools, court houses, etc.? I just have to believe my so-called fellow Christians just want to fight with someone about something. Maybe there is something much less than “Christian love” that motivates so-called Christians. In my church they teach that when I do something, I should ask myself “Would Jesus do that?” The only time I recall Jesus taking any action similar was throwing the money changers out of the temple. Well that was church property, not public property. Churches have had so much protection from the government that they feel entitled, that they have super rights over the rest of the citizens.

Now that there seems to be more secular people than church members, maybe it is time to not be so quick to pick a fight. Laws and rules can be changed by the majority. There could very well be a backlash that would be hard to defend against.


Denis Logan

Palm Coast, Fla.

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