In regards to Lincoln’s statement, and I paraphrase, we would indeed lose our freedoms if left to an antiquated system of fruitless beliefs, but I digress (“God will not be mocked,” Your Column Here, Nov. 14).

You obviously subscribe to the erroneous yet unfortunately effective school of, “Tell a lie a thousand times and it will become a truth.” You are consistent, I’ll hand you that. In response to yet another one of your religious-themed essays, I posit this: Open your mind and accept the fact that one does not require a (insert deity or religious affiliation here) in order to be a compassionate, kind, loving, industrious, decent and peaceful human being, whom, it so happens, is not encumbered by an intellectually stifling dogma, regardless of “brand.”

Due to the First Amendment, you have every right in this country to speak your mind, but at the close of day, yours are merely opinions and we all know what they are like. But when you arrogantly claim to speak on behalf of all Americans, you pretty much step over a line that even your limited scope of imagination can’t embrace, or refuses to.

The God you speak of is nowhere to be found in the Constitution, and our forefathers knew all too well (Age of Enlightenment) the consequences of a “religiously infected” rule of law. Evangelism, dominionism, all religions in general are nothing more than the writings of man, for man and for man’s purposes. As history has proved repeatedly, man is not infallible. The recitation of ancient scriptures, those written by said man, cannot compete with the actions of a truly free and courageous, enlightened individual.

So chill, Mr. Barber, no one is mocking your God. As man named this particular God a man, due to his arrogance, it follows that to fear the wrath of this invisible “Man-God” is simply the result of those repetitive un-truths I mentioned earlier, and amount to absolutely nothing but continued fear. In reality, “He” is a phantom perpetrated in this case by white men. It appears that the reign of the “white man’s patriarchy” and his invention is coming to a much needed finale. An evolution is taking place, albeit slowly but surely.

As is your right, by all means continue your proselytizing, but know this — its effect and historically-tainted results are falling (and failing) on an increasingly awakening populace. (Seeing how I don’t believe in your “hell,” we can dispense with any hollow threats.) It should be quite obvious by now that a growing number of enlightened individuals have chosen not to mock your God, but rather the men who have insidiously used fear, intimidation and guilt in order to enslave a perfectly good mind. It has been a very long imprisonment, but stuff happens; sort of like evolution!

This is not necessarily a linear, black-and-white existence. It is a beautiful opportunity to experience the multiple shades/twists and turns of a progressive evolution, and all that that entails, without fear of archaic dogma or myths of old. Yeah, it’s wake-up time — and it is good! The days and frightful nights of men in gowns and funny hats, and those charismatic charlatans with outstanding pompadours telling everyone just how to live one’s life, are rapidly waning and none too soon. Good riddance!

So carry on, Matt and friends, and lament your pitiful state of self righteous indignation along with your refusal to see anything past that Bible plastered to your nose. Those of us who have acquired and respect the ability to think critically will continue to marvel at the possibilities when a mind is truly opened, fearless and finally freed.

B. Jones

Santa Monica

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