Matt Barber invoked the deity dozens of times in his tirade against open-minded, free-thinking people of all walks of life (“God will not be mocked,” Your Column Here, Nov. 14). Citing the very best logic and philosophers of the late Bronze Age, the apparently omnipotent Mr. Barber sought to chide those of us who voted for diversity and freedom of expression this past Nov. 6. It seem Mr. Barber is unhappy with the results and is expecting Old Testament doom and gloom to follow shortly — assuming of course that the world does not end this December as a certain other Bronze Age wisdom has suggested it may.

Matt, please feel free to draw whatever conclusions you like from current events. You even have the right to be a believer rather than a thinker — that is your choice. But really, Matt, what made you feel the need to share a full page of your organized ignorance with the rest of the world this past week? Next time that particular mood strikes you, Matt, take two … and don’t call anyone in the morning!

You may now return to the safety of your bed. The 21st century is here to stay. Sorry about that.


Marc Sanschagrin

Santa Monica

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