Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom is locked in a near dead-heat with Assemblywoman Betsy Butler to represent the 50th Assembly District. Just a few votes separate the two as county officials tally the rest of the ballots.

So, this week Q-Line asked:
Who do you hope pulls out the win and why?

Here are your responses:

“Betsy Butler of course. I doubt many Santa Monicans voted for Bloom. On the other hand, they continue to vote the developers’ slate for City Council. So I guess Santa Monica’s reputation for an enlightened populace was overstated, if it ever existed.”

“I’m hoping that Betsy Butler wins for the 50th Assembly District. Richard Bloom was horrible for Santa Monica and I would hate for him to move up and have influence over a greater part of our state. So please, Betsy”

“As a longtime resident of the city of San Malicious —I am disabled now — I’d like to have Betsy win. We need more women to represent we women. And besides which, Richard Bloom has had his day and he’s a bit of a porker, spending all that money that the taxpayers earned so he can take those wonderful trips. That ain’t right.”

“I am definitely against Bloom and for anyone who runs against him. He is completely owned by the developers who are ruining Santa Monica. He has been against every good bill. One example is his vote against the council telling who their donors are. I dread his being able to do the same harm to the state that he has done to our city.”

“Do you know the old saying, ‘six of one or half a dozen’? This contest is that. You buy a dozen eggs. Half are black and stink, and six are green and stink. What kind of choice do you have? Mr. Bloom’s credits are greatly enhancing the unlivability of Santa Monica, while Ms. Butler, though a novice at busting our city’s fundamental beach soul, she has a new-found female egotist power to sharpen her hatred and destruction of the middle class in this state. Who is responsible for this contest between these progressive dwarfs? The only thing more frightening than a choice between these two is the people who gave us that choice. When you hail the winner, make sure you have a rag to wipe the egg off your face.”

“I hope Betsy Butler gets to win. I, and everybody else I know, definitely do not want Richard Bloom to represent anybody. He is a self-serving, slimy politician who has ruined Santa Monica and has no business being anywhere near representing people here.”

“I will never forgive Richard Bloom for rejecting the Target store. At that time he said that families could buy sale-priced necessities from Macy’s if they didn’t have the money to pay full-priced Macy’s costs. Spoken like a spoiled, rich lawyer. And now we don’t even have Macy’s! Just wait, Kevin McKeown. Even though you are heartily endorsing Betsy Butler, I won’t forget what you said when rejecting the Target store either: ‘It’s the traffic, stupid.’ These two politicians have no idea what it is like for Santa Monicans who live on a fixed income and neither should represent us in any form.”

“The bloom wilted on Bloom. He is just another poison ivy from Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights. Butler sold her butt to the teacher’s union by protecting child molesting teachers. Every election we must choose from the lesser of two evils. Politicians will fight against it, but we should have at the bottom of every election race a space to vote for ‘None of the Above.’ If none of the above wins, we have to find a new slate of candidates.”

“Thank you Mayor Bloom for your service to our city, and also thank you for moving on. During your stint on City Council you and your cronies have allowed this city to be overdeveloped to the point that renters and homeowners alike are fed up. Of course I want Betsy Butler to win. Betsy Butler by default.”

“Between Bloom and Butler, it’s lose lose. Having contributed all he could to the trashing of Santa Monica, Bloom now aspires to trash the entire state. Developers and people of that ilk need only cross his outstretched hand with silver and he will do his best to ruin everything. And Betsy Butler has shown no regard for those who live in the environment she claims she wants to save.”

“Richard Bloom voted to give away millions of dollars of our tax money to the Ocean Park Community Center, and other nonprofits to develop homeless shelters, which act as a magnet for L.A. County’s homeless. Mr. Bloom owns a duplex, he lives in one unit, but keeps the second unit vacant. When people leave the shelters looking for permanent housing he refuses to rent his vacant apartment to them. He is part of the problem, not part of the solution. I hope Betsy Butler wins.”

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