To Matt Barber (“God will not be mocked,” Your Column Here, Nov. 13),

I have not mocked your God with my vote. I only chose the candidate I considered best equipped to lead our nation for four more years.

You, sir, seem to mock your God by suggesting that he is abandoning this country out of pique for our resultant choice. What a petty fellow is your God. His omnipotence and powers of forgiveness have limits, I guess. By any chance does your God have an opinion about the death penalty, and our vote to repeal it? Or does your God now subscribe to Nine Commandments? Are not the “Post-Born” covered by your God? By the way, sir, have you ever sinned, and required redemption? Presumably you have, or you yourself would be sitting more than metaphorically on your God’s right hand.

If there is a God, I’ll presume He or She still is in the business of being patient with their children, even as they stray from your opinion of their behaviors.


Forrest Murray

Santa Monica

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