Sara Meric contradicts herself (“What’s the deal now?” Letters to the Editor, Nov. 9). She says, “Be glad you live in the U.S. where you are free to practice your religion!” but also that she “wishes these Christian ‘activists’ … would keep their beliefs to their houses of worship and stop trying to invade the public space.”

Christians do not “invade” the public space. Christians are part owners of the public space. Indeed, they are still a majority of the American public, however much that may irritate Ms. Meric.

The Constitution guarantees all groups (political, religious, and otherwise) the right to promote their beliefs in public. Nothing in the Constitution requires Christians to hide in closets or limit their activities within church buildings.

Ms. Meric wonders what would happen if other religions were to “demand two-hour time slots to put on ‘their’ respective performances” in Palisades Park.

It’s a big park, with all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. If Ms. Meric wants to put on a performance, I’m sure she can find a spot. The only trouble, I suspect, is that Ms. Meric would want her performance to occur on the exact same spot, at the exact same time, as the Christian groups because her goal is not so much to express her views, as to deny Christians the right to express theirs.


Thomas M. Sipos

Santa Monica

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